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  • Lender Management System

The purpose of Lender Management software is to provide a comprehensive web based platform to manage different lenders with their loan criteria and suggest the top 5 lenders based on borrower loan criteria & loan parameter values. The software also facilitates underwriting proposals, dynamic uploading of documents, provides an interface for tracking loan status, create user accounts, and offer a collaboration framework for Lender Matching. The algorithm is developed to handle input borrower forms & evaluates the proposals; if the borrower is eligible for loans then the best lenders are selected from the system. The software also handles different types of borrowers, underwriting proposals, evaluating proposals, listing defaulters & security for user documents etc.

Lender Management Features

The application supports multi-users with different privilege levels.
The application is developed to scale with the growing user base.
There is high security of data with 256 bit SSL encryption.
The application is completely customisable as per user preferences.
The data migration support is available for the end users.
The application is simple, intuitive & proactive.
This is an end to end online lending platform.
  • Lending Software Solutions

The dashboard is dynamically configurable with a quick over-view of all action items, modules at a glance.
Provide all types of loans as Home Loan, Car Loan, Business Loan, Personal Loan and many More.....
Best Values
The top 10 lenders will give you the best rates.
Lender Management Systems keeps your data safe in highly secure facilities providing 24/7 365 access with automatic backup.
Our team of consultants & experts work in tandem with our clients to understand & customize the solutions for best results.
Lender Management providing fully customize reports. (Loan Current State, List Of Defaulters, List of Borrower, Period Wise Reports more..).
Track Progress
When you Apply for a Loan, Your account also enables you to easily modify your loan application and view the status of your loan.
Lender management Systems provide profits in a both side, as for lender and borrower.

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