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Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning

Software Development with AI

Kreyon's AI Software Solutions are transforming organisations around the world. Use AI to unlock new sources of value creation, solve complex problems and accelerate innovation for your organisation.

Machine Learning

Kreyon uses advanced Machine learning techniques and algorithms for predictions, anomaly detections, and several other business case scenarios. We use ML to help our clients make best use of digital data to gain competitive advantage, drive new business opportunities and achieve greater performance levels.

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Software Solutions

How we do AI in our products

Software Design AI Applications Software Design Kreyon Artificial Intelligence Customised AI Solutions

Kreyon Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence
AI driven software application
We create tailored AI applications according to the business context and needs. Our customised application development is aimed to provide greater agility, scalability and improved performance for your business.
E-commerce Portals
Kreyon utilizes AI to build self-taught enterprise solutions for e-Commerce portals. Our deep research based solutions are geared to provide competitive edge to e-commerce solutions in the field of predictive accuracy, cross selling suggestions, automated pricing, product recommendations etc.
Helpdesk and Support with Chatbots
Customer Experience and Service is the top priority for organisations and we believe in delivering cutting edge solutions to improve them. We offer intelligent agents that learn on the go, are intuitive, & apply the learnings to improve customer experience. The use of intelligent assistants reduces the time it takes to address customer queries and concerns.

Smart Business Processes

With AI & Machine learning, traditional rule-based processes are replaced by intelligent ones that can discover new patterns in large, unstructured data sets and make strategic suggestions and predictions without explicit instructions. Highly repetitive tasks are replaced by smart automation and AI is coming out on top as a credible alternative for many of these.

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Digital Assistants & Self learning

Our AI technology is powering digital assistants and enterprise softwares with self learning capabilities. These softwares are capable of analysing important events, contexts and able to make suggestions based on the given parameters. The top priorities for the day, tasks, meetings, documents, reminders and project management can all be done through digital assistants now.

Real-time Data Science


The complexity of digital data is enormous and mining it realtime is critical for Businesses to keep pace with competition. We use ML to understand the data patterns that affect important business events by analsying data from various sources, analysing them and providing relevant insights.

Benefits of AI & Machine Learning

AI and Machine learning help to eliminate human errors, automate tasks, improve the quality of output.

Machine Learning
Software Design
Faster Decision Making

Use advanced algorithms to drive process automation for improved decision making.

Software Development with AI
Software Development with AI

The rate at which data can be anlaysed and updated by Machine learning models is much better than humans can handle.

Software Development Company
Software Development Company
Innovation and Growth

Understand Data patterns for unleashing new opportunities of Innovation and Growth.

Machine Learning and AI solutions
AI Applications
Business Acceleration

Create faster workflows, efficient business processes with AI, and Scale up your business faster.

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