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Advanced Analytics

In this tough and competitive market, businesses are fighting to gain new market share and retain old customers. They need business intelligence that can predict future scenarios, identify opportunities, anticipate problems and improve processes. The right Advanced Analytics solution can effectively meet these expectations by providing valuable insight through analysis of structured and unstructured data.

advance analytics
Actionable Analytics Services

Kreyon Actionable Analytics Services provides you with a suite of end-to-end solutions to help you make informed, actionable decisions about your business based on your data. Our solutions help clients expose key underlying business issues that can be linked to a specific, logical output action. We offer deep industry insight and advanced algorithmic models to provide you with new predictive insights and pragmatic business solutions.

Customer Analytics Services

Kreyon Customer Analytics Services can help you acquire new customers, increase wallet share and profitability, and create more resilient and longer-lasting relationships with customers. We discover predictive patterns from both structured and unstructured data, and then derive actionable intelligence across all these information sources. Using advanced analytics, Kreyon exposes the underlying business issues that can empower you to make data-driven business decisions.

Business Intelligence Master Planning Services

The Kreyon Business Intelligence Master Plan helps you align business and IT leaders to develop a commonly understood business intelligence vision and strategy that strongly reflects business goals. It drives prioritization and detailed planning of information management initiatives that realize business value.

Information Management Services

Information Management Services provide a solid foundation for information initiatives that support your business objectives. Kreyon delivers the technical, process and organizational architectures to capture, manage and integrate information assets across initiatives. The result? A consistent and extensible technical foundation for delivering business value to your enterprise based on available information assets.

Information Governance Services

Kreyon Information Governance Services can help you access and understand various forms of information without bias to repository or location. Our holistic approach to governance encompasses ownership, management and visibility of data to ensure the confidentiality, security and ethical use of information. We implement the right policies, processes and systems in accordance with business, regulatory and data management objectives.

Business Intelligence Modernization Services

Merge traditional Business Intelligence with new Big Data technologies and transition to a more data-driven and agile enterprise. Kreyon Business Intelligence (BI) Modernization Services provide a comprehensive suite of services, architectures, and technologies that enable you to optimize your existing BI investments while also taking advantage of Big Data and enhanced analytics to improve customer engagement and satisfaction, create new business opportunities, and boost your competitive advantage.

Industry Solutions
Action Insights

BigFrame & Cloud Solutions

kreyon BIGFrame solution, jointly developed with Cloud-era and Sync-sort, helps organizations migrate applications from high-cost mainframe environments to cost effective and high performance enterprise Hadoop platforms. Learn how BIG-Frame can help your company deliver superior cost benefits without sacrificing business critical performance.

Customer Analytics

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence, addresses four key problem areas by improving the experience at all BI-user interaction points. Behavioral BI takes technology & service enablement to the next frontier by impacting ‘end-user experience’ and molding itself to individual decision-making behaviors.

business process automation

Business Solutions Platform

Kreyon BigDecisions Business Solutions Platform enables organizations to meet dynamic and ever-changing business demands through sophisticated BI & Analytics. Learn how BigDecisions’ relevant business applications and core platform can provide intuitive insights and rapid value to your business.

Software Development

Mobility & Social Solutions

Kreyon integrated Social Media Analytics and Reporting Tool provides customizable, scalable and real-time social media analytics and intelligence. Learn how iSMART can help your organization gain mobile-ready and fully integrated insights into customers, competitors and campaigns.

Key Benefits
business solutions platform


Accuracy of prediction or analysis is a vital factor associated with acceptance of an Advanced Analytics solution. It is extremely important to choose the right algorithms / approaches in the right context. Many algorithms that seem to work fine in simulated environment fail when it comes to perform in actual situations. As almost all of these solutions involve incorporating a great deal of domain knowledge, domain expert involvement in model building phase is extremely important.

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Easy to Use

Analytics is no longer the preserve of statistical experts. Today, the analytics tools are being used by business users as well as decision makers. Therefore these tools must be simple and intuitive to use and capable of presenting findings in a friendly and understandable manner. In this context, the quality of dashboards used for presenting the findings becomes very important.

Data Analytics


The analytics solution must be capable of keeping pace with business growth for years to come. It is vital that the solution be sufficiently scalable to handle increases in data input as well as number of end users, without falling behind on performance or reliability. It would be good to use an open architecture to make provision for adding a new algorithm or building a new model.

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