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Asset Management System

The main aim of this project, is to develop a user friendly and yet intuitive and secure asset management system. Today companies are challenged when it comes to having an efficient and effective asset management system. The current excel based systems are not effective. They do the job, but they don’t produce the result. 90 degree AMS has been developed to address this shortcoming in the very important segment of asset registration. Organisations year on year are getting a big qualification tick on their financial accounts. WHY. Poor asset documentation and registration.

asset management service in Botswana

Why Asset Management System

Asset Management System


Our software has been developed to improve the accuracy of your analysis of your assets’ performance. Being accurate, is a very important aspect of this software.

asset management software in Botswana


90degree AMS is easy to manage and understand, it has been designed to be smart yet easily manageable. You don’t need big qualification to be able to be up and running.

Asset Management tool


Simplicity is the cornerstone of this software, a lot of softwares are very complex and yet give confusing result. Our software is simple and gives very intuitive and accurate results.Enjoy the smartness of a working software.

Our Services

digital asset management

Period Wise Depreciation

  • Depreciation as per IFRS regulations.
  • Calculate depreciations dynamically on Assets.
  • Calculation of fair values, market value and residual values for all assets.
supply chain management

Calculation of Fair and Market values

Fair and Market Value is calculated by dividing the property's total assessed valued by the average assessment ratio. This ratio is applied to all property, including personal property, regardless of type or location of the property

asset management software

Maintenance Schedule, Cost, Budget

  • Track Asset Requirements and SendRequest for Quotes.
  • Online Vendor Quotes Submission.
  • Online Vendor Quotes comparison for products, services and prices. Invoices Purchase
  • Orders. Purchase Orders with dynamic approvals from configurable authority sequence in an organisation.
  • Historic record of all purchase orders. Received Items registration. Shipment..

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90degreeAMS inventory management software

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