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Education Industry Software Solutions

E-learning software applications

Role of Information Technology in Education with Kreyon

Kreyon provides world class applications for complete automation of educational institutes. The solutions are designed to manage student activities right from the time of admission to the time they graduate from the institution. The student admissions process, records, library functionality, Administrative Account information, Attendance records, Hostel facilities, staff directory, alumni management, events & activities etc. can be managed using Education ERP systems developed by Kreyon. With Kreyon educational software, you can administer information with minimal efforts, giving you more time to spend with learners in the classroom & take your institute to greater heights.

Client Challenges

Designed specifically to meet the needs of higher education, our software and services help students, staff, and faculty achieve their goals.

IT Solutions for Education

Development of highly interactive eLearning solution that could meet all the possible requirements of classroom teaching.

Educational and e-learning software applications

Sound interaction between learner and educator holds high essence, especially online.

user ability

User’s ability to connect with the system as per convenience is yet another important aspect to look after.

developing web applications

Developing web applications and software that are intuitive and fully functional and could entice the end user instantly.

software designs

Incorporating security features to vouch for utmost privacy of all the members included in the online learning system.

web development

Minimizing Administrative Expenses


Managing Educators, Students and Staff

technical resoure pool

Lack of sufficient on-demand technical resource pool

Academic Information Solutions

Being the leading names in the industry, we offer our clients wide array of Academic Information Solutions. Our sets are framed by experienced teachers and professionals who have strong domain expertise in their respective domain.

Education Academic Information Solutions
Information IT Solutions
Academic Solutions for Education
Education Back-Office System

Back-Office System Support

Responding proactively to student needs means doing more than just implementing the latest processes and systems; it also means implementing and integrating relevant back-office systems to create meaningful metrics. Our back-office services implement and integrate data warehousing, ERP and other back-office systems.

Education Industry Software Solution for Research Education

Accelerate research discovery and innovation capabilities

Help your research community focus on innovation by providing the appropriate computing environment, technology solutions and support. To advance research at your institution, you need to:

  • Provide a scalable, high-performance computing environment with powerful analytics capabilities to handle data-intensive processing.
  • Allow secure, cost-effective access to computing and software resources to researchers and students wherever they are.
  • Enable access to worldwide patent information and scientific literature to facilitate opportunity identification, protect innovations, and foster collaboration.
software development of integrated web interface for administration

Integrated Web interface for administration

The dynamic website can provide an integrated back-end interface for managing the college. The accounts, administrative metrics, alumni, donation information, library catalogue, new student enquiries, vacancies, total applicants & everything that is needed for running operations can be added to the back-end interface for the website.

News and Events

Any educational institute is a hub of vibrant activities and events. The press is also on the lookout for such stories on regular basis. A dynamic site helps one to not only promote their message, but also increase visibility and exposure for colleges. The events when published on website increase participation and awareness too. With a dynamic website, the news & events can be regularly updated on the go to maintain a fresh look & feel.

Benefits for Education

Education contact details

Management of profiles with contact details.

Education notification

Email & SMS notification system

Education management

Management of pending/collected fee i.e. college fee, Library fine, Examination fee & other charges.

Education academic data

Management of Academic data i.e. Attendance, Semester Results, Internal/External marks.

Education automated query sydtem

Automated SMS query system i.e. students can check book availability in library and pending fee status by sending SMS

Education online submission

Online submission of assignments.

Education query resolution

Students can look for teacher's availability for their query resolution.

Education guardian module for better monitoring of students

We also provide Teacher-Guardian module for better monitoring of students.

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