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Kreyon Systems Provides a Compelling Vision, Execution Roadmap and Result Oriented Approach for Government IT Projects.


Citizens across the world expect their governments to connect more closely with them and provide easy access to information and public services. This has led to the increasing adoption of e-Governance initiatives aimed at closer contact with citizens, simplifying the management of resources, boosting the quality of services, lowering costs, improving productivity and increasing transparency.

How Kreyon Systems Helps

How Kreyon Systems Helps

Kreyon's e government software solutions help public managers and administrators by creating business cases for the adoption of technology that benefits citizens through:

  • * Assessment and guidance for e-Governance projects with clear value propositions and ROI
  • Creation of standardized information and data strategies and uniform structures for simplified management
  • Smart City Solutions that also addresses administrative, legal, compliance, environmental, privacy and security issues

What Kreyon Systems Provides

Reliable and secured e governance software that addresses government's challenges quickly, develop solutions for policy decisions to reach out to large number of poeple and maximise utilisation of government resources.

Comprehensive, end-to-end, domain-led business process solutions that enable government institutions to focus on their core governance issues & enable them to do better.

Client Challenges


Increasing regulatory and security requirements


Providing superior levels of customer service


Managing price pressures with greater efficiency


Greater engagement and empowerment of citizens


Enhancing the quality of service provided to operational forces.


Sharpening strategic and risk-management skills

E Government Software Solutions Benefits

Higher security

Our solutions ensure total security of government and personal data through multiple technologies including digital certificates, biometrics, encryption and authorized access levels.

Facilitates taking quick action

As new information comes to light, or as business conditions change, Dynamic Dashboards can alert you so that you can analyze your data, make informed decisions, and take action quickly.

Improved transparency and accountability

We automate your government processes and ensure access to real time information to various stakeholders.

Increased accessibility

You can increase the accessibility and affordability of public services with our workflow-driven processes and internet-enabled solutions.

Enhanced change management

You can manage change effectively and efficiently leveraging our process rigor, coupled with our expertise in government domains and innovation models.

End-to-End Solutions

We provide consulting expertise to help governments determine which solutions are suited for their needs. We drive IT projects from conceptualisation to completion & ensure every box gets ticked, the way it should be.

Kreyon Technology


Create layers of defense against evolving threats with a security-infused system.

Cyber Security

Support secure data management, appropriate access, and data privacy with Kreyon Cloud


Create layers of defense against evolving threats with a security-infused system.

Artificial intelligence

Create layers of defense against evolving threats with a security-infused system.

Internet of Things

Create layers of defense against evolving threats with a security-infused system.

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