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Digital Facility Management System

Facility Management system integrates processes within an organization to maintain and develop the agreed services which support and improve the effectiveness of its primary activities. The scope of digital facility management system entails alignment of space, infrastructure, people and business processes of an organisation.

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Assets Management System

The main aim of this project, is to develop a user friendly and yet intuitive and secure asset management system. Today companies are challenged when it comes to having an efficient and effective asset management system. 90 degree AMS has been developed to address this shortcoming in the very important segment of asset registration. Organisations year on year are getting a big qualification tick on their financial accounts. WHY. Poor asset documentation and registration.

facility management system

Customer Relationship Management

We offers CRM and Project Management System in one so you can make sure You're on top of your customer relationship at every stage. With project overview screen you can see the recent activity on any project.

digital facility management system

Operations and Maintenance

Maintenance, testing and inspection schedules are required to ensure that the facility is operating safely and efficiently, to maximize the life of equipment and reduce the risk of failure. Statutory obligations must also be met. The work is planned, often using a computer-aided facility management system.


Time and Attendance System

The tracking of employees, their attendance through biometric, or RFID cards etc can be done from a facilities solution. The leave status and HR system etc can be integrated for managing employees.

Facility Management Company

Space Programming

Space Programs describe and quantify the activities of the particular faculty, department or unit (it can be all of these combined) and the student, staffing and support requirements to properly carry out these activities. University Space Standards are used to develop the overall net assignable space that might be required.

Facility Management Software Development

Vendor & Contracts

Facility management takes care of the vendor management, catering contracts and services related to facilities. The maintenance activities for machines, equipments and assets can also scheduled & tracked using an FM solution. Business continuity and bringing down operational costs are high on priority for most companies.


Audit & Compliance

The regulatory requirements and compliance needs for a business can be tedious. Managing these for a global business is even more complicated. However, a good system has preconfigured checklists to ensure that compliance requirements are met for international as well as local needs.

Facility Management Software

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