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Dynamic Website

At Kreyon, we take pride in our work and are satisfied with nothing less than exceptional work. Our goal is to offer stunning visual design, practical usability and robust functionality and to create compelling websites that provide visitors with rich user experience and engage them.

How We Work ?

Dynamic Website

Business Requirement Analysis

The requirements phase involves discovering, analysing, defining & documenting the requirements to drive stated business objectives.

  • Understanding the CORE NEEDS of the Clients to provide the required solution
  • Designing Solution in a way that can spread and connect the Vision - Mission - Values of the clients with its users
  • Identifying and Applying the best resources for achieving the desired Needs / Requirements of the clients
  • Validating the needs / requirements of the clients through user - centric approach
  • Develop and implement the plan as per design of the solution to achieve the needs / requirements of the clients
  • Maintaining End to End Documentation to complete the requirements of Business - Technical - Product - Process
  • Maintaining Strong and Effective communication with clients to understand the priority of needs of them in order to remove ambiguity
  • Reconciling the interpretations with clients and stakeholders in order to finalize the acceptance criteria

Design Innovation

In this phase, communication is crucial to ensure that the final web site will match your needs and taste. We work together in this way, exchanging ideas, until we arrive at the final design for the site. click below to see some our web projects.


One website, any device

Responsive Web Design or RWD allows one website to work on any device. There’s only one site to maintain, and regardless of which device a visitor uses, they can find the same information and functionality.

Custom Software Development Web Application development Software Development Mobile Application Development

Custom Application Development

Often, the software that suits your specific needs simply isn’t available on the market. When packaged solutions and software aren’t sufficient or flexible enough for your enterprise, Kreyon systems can custom-build to your specifications – efficiently and deliver on its promise of certainty.

Content Management System

  • Add unlimited pages at any Time - with any Device
  • Promote your News - Events - Picks in Seconds
  • Share your Blogs content in seconds on any social media platform
  • Improve your SEO by sharing your Events at any time at any platform by updating them without depending on anyone
  • Analyze the Graphical reports of your contents
  • Add Picks and Videos at anytime anywhere with any device
  • Customize design
  • Admin panel with simple navigation.
  • And unlimited benefits which would multiply your reach to the world on daily basis through our CMS

A secure web hosting solution with daily backup

  • Kreyon Systems keeps your data safe in highly secured facilities providing 24X7 access with automatic backup.
  • We offer web hosting through a cloud which has the capacity to handle massive amounts of data.
  • With almost unlimited storage, your applications will be developed to scale.
  • Hosting your dynamic website with us will enable you to enjoy fast and reliable services with 99.99% uptime guarantee.
  • The data on our servers is encrypted, protected and accessible only to authorised users.
  • Kreyon offers Archival Support for old data from its Webservers.
  • Complete Lifecycle Management for the Dynamic Portals including website performance, security audits and end to end infrastructure support.

Hosting & database management.

Our shared hosting plan supports any kind of site including blogs, portfolios, business sites, online stores and even complex database-driven sites. Mechanical hard drives are yesterday's news. With SSDs, your sites perform better, and you'll experience faster database queries and faster caching overall.

Content Management System

Testing and Deployment

Before launching your website let Kreyon highly skilled testing team investigate it. Our professional consultants will help you to choose the type of web application testing which is the most suitable for your project.

  • Functional Testing for Web
  • Usability Testing for Web
  • Load Testing for Web
  • Performance Testing for Web
  • Security Testing for Web
  • Compatibility Testing for Web
  • Regression Testing for Web
  • Cross browser testing.
Web Development

Maintenance & Support

Having reliable, timely support is essential to for uninterrupted business operations. kreyon provides complete Maintenance and Support Services that help companies maximize their technology investments for optimal business value and to meet there challenges proficiently.

  • Professional, experienced, and trained team on-board to handle your projects Minimize software down-time, increase reliability & efficiency.
  • Kreyon Systems offers 24/7 hour support to all its clients.
  • We offer data backup, migration and restoration support for our clients.
  • Updates for plugins, browser compatibility changes, social media widgets & other core components.
  • Hosting, deployment and Maintenance of the website will be handled by us.
  • Updates for CMS System, hosting renewals, and live support services.

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  • Integrated website for business

    Web Application

    Keep your customers update

  • Software Development for Web Application


    Web Design and Creative

  • Software Design for Busnisses


    Corporate Identity and Logo Design

  • Dynamic Portal Services


    Manage Content, Create Pages, News and Press, Articles and Blog, and more...

  • Dynamic Portal Software Solutions


    Web Advertising, Social Marketing, Ranking on google and more...

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Media Uploading and Management
  • Upload Images (Create Library)
  • Upload Videos and Sounds (Create Library)
  • Resize and Crop Images
  • Crop and Edit Videos
Content Management
  • Edit, Delete, Duplicate and Archive
  • Re-arrange Navigation and Content Tree
  • Publish Now or Schedule
  • Dynamic Content Deployment
User Management
  • Manage Users
  • Multiple Roles: Authors, Editors
Home Page Design
  • Simple Layout
  • Advanced Layout
  • Complex Layout
Slide Show - Advertising / Marketing
  • Basic Slide Show Design
  • Advanced Slide Show Design
  • Complex Slide Show Design
Static Pages Design and HTML Production
  • pages 1-5
  • pages 6-12
  • pages 13-25
  • pages 26-50
  • Basic Logo Design
  • Complex Logo Design
  • Brand Building
  • Edit Title and Meta Tags
  • Advanced SEO: H1, H2 and ALT Tags
  • Search friendly URLs
  • Google's Approved XML Site-map
  • Intelligent Keyword Recommended Tool
Web Application
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