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Custom CRM Development Services

Get the right CRM software tailored for your needs & industry. With custom CRM development services, you can get a CRM that meets your requirements 100%. Improve your sales productivity, boost your revenue & grow your business with a custom CRM.

Custom CRM Software Development
Custom CRM Software
CRM Software Development
CRM Software Solution
CRM Software implementation

What Is Custom CRM?

A custom CRM system is a software product, built as per the business goals of a company. The customized CRM solution lets you not only effectively manage your relationships with existing customers, but also improves your sales conversions for potential customers.

Kreyon Systems has great expertise in building CRM solutions for various industries and organisations. We provide end to end business process automation to improve the workflow, map the offline sales processes online and manage complete customer lifecycle for companies.

Your business needs can be served with customised modules and functionality for your CRM. Manage everything with an integrated system.

Why should you opt for a Custom CRM development?

Organize Information

Custom CRM development can facilitate collecting, organizing, and managing customer information as per your company needs. Customer interactions can be documented and recorded to help your sales teams.

Improved Lead Management

With customised CRM development services, you can built the right CRM software to track customer contacts, customer’s preferences, past purchases, loyalty, and other details relevant to your business. The lead stages are tailored for your organisation with easy drag and drop features.

Increased Productivity

The CRM software can be customised to reduce office time for sales persons, so that they can spend more time meeting and converting deals. Customer interactions, customer service, sales information, documents and marketing campaigns can be set-up effectively to improve employee productivity.

Automated Sales Process

The automated sales processes can be set-up to help your sales teams follow best practices. Automated reminders, lead follow-ups, customer service calls and proposals etc are built into the CRM software solution to speed up sales and reduce closing time.

Analysis and Reports

Various tools and plugins of custom CRM software allow businesses to inspect sales, customer interactions, conversions, time for closing deals, customer issues, loyalty scores, etc. at one glance. The reports can be configured and set-up as per your business needs.

Data Security

The data is now driving businesses in the digital era. With a CRM system, only authorized persons access customer data and trade details. The CRM can be configured as per business roles and functionality.

CRM Software Development Services

Industries Specific CRM Software

Custom CRM Software

Banking & Finance CRM

Helps real estate companies speed up routine processes and stay in touch with clients and prospective customers.

CRM implementation services

Real Estate CRM

Helps real estate companies speed up routine processes and stay in touch with clients and prospective customers.

Real Estate CRM

Home Security CRM

Manage inventory items, door to door sales, installation, maintenance and resources efficiently using a home security CRM system.

Custom CRM Software Development

Tours and Travels CRM

Advertise latest package deals and discounts, generate web leads, create digital CRM for offline/online sales, and manage database of potential customers.

CRM Software Development

CRM For Media

Manage the complete lifecycle of media content, consumption and delivery for end users. Organize and optimize everything from media planning to customer acquisition.

Healthcare CRM

Healthcare CRM

Take care of patients and manage everything from an integrated system that weaves together multiple sources of data to provide a comprehensive view into patient habits and activities.

CRM Software Services

CRM for Education Institutes

Produce data-driven insights to track progress, streamline admissions and marketing initiatives using integrated CRM. Manage and administer complete activities from the integrated web.

Custom CRM Software Development Company

Retail & eCommerce CRM

Unify customer data, campaigns and targeted user groups in a centralised hub for sales, services, and marketing. Improving engagement and frictionless tools for digital customers.

Advantages of Custom CRM Development

  • A light-weight custom solution

    A CRM software should be designed to simplify and increase sales for your business. A customised CRM software is lightweight and precisely focuses on the core aspects of getting the results you want. The CRM is geared to meet specific needs of your businesses unlike other systems that may need time for understanding and deployment.

  • Significant cost-savings

    Cost savings from the development of those features you really want and need. The core of the customised CRM software focuses on increasing the quality of sales and reduce the time to close deals.

  • Less time

    The customised CRM helps an organisation to expedite sales process by following various best practices. The system is equipped to fast track lead closing process and tracks time very closely to reduce sales time.

  • Better integration

    Integration across different departments of your company will be done with ease. Whether you want credit checks for your potential customers or integration with third party systems, custom CRM can serve your needs.

  • Easy expansion and customisations

    When you need new functionality or certain business process services incorporated into your customised CRM system, you can get it done without any hassles. Your CRM software is also upto date and inline with your changing business needs.

CRM Development Company

Advantages of Custom CRM Development

Here's how CRM Software can help you


Get an integrated view of your business.


Map your offline business processes to CRM.


Track important sales and marketing opportunities.


Take your business with you everywhere on your mobile.


Increase your lead-to-client conversions.


Monitor and direct business processes, activities and results.

Salesforce Lightning & Microsoft Dynamics Services

Kreyon Systems provides customised CRM development services for organisation’s needs. We have great expertise in custom CRM development and provide CRM Implementation services for Salesforce lightning and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The workflow, customisations and modules can be delivered to transform your sales with business process automation. Kreyon Systems has in depth experience, multi industry exposure and domain expertise for CRM development services.

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