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We are Kreyon Systems
Software Solutions
Design Innovation
Mobile Applications
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Software solutions

kreyon systems provides end to end IT solutions. We offer vast range of Products, services and systems integration solutions. kreyon systems is a leading organisation providing Software Development and allied services in the knowledge of intensive information Technology area. kreyon systems offers services like Web applications development, Client Server development, large systems applications development and maintenance, Re-engineering IT consulting and ERP implementation.
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Design Innovation

With explosive growth in the use of mobile devices, a growing appetite for consumer applications & products across the world, there is an urgent need for consistent design & User experience. At Kreyon, we deliver innovative designs to improve the productivity & efficiency of applications. The designs are engineered with an indepth analysis of users & patterns of their usage. The complexity of information is simplified with intuitive designs for operational efficiency with design innovations. The designs help in making the software usable, intuitive & simple.
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Mobile Applications

Kreyon helps you increase productivity and collaboration among employees by encouraging them to use devices of their choice. Our mobile enterprise solutions are developed to provided consistent experience to the users. Empower your workforce, customers, and stakeholders with mobile solutions. Our solutions can deliver extraordinary impact for your business, transforming everything from customer interactions to daily operations with positive results. Improve business continuity with a mobile workforce.
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Internet Marketing

The world is changing at the speed of thoughts. The digital landscape has created a virtual world where physical boundaries have disappeared. The leading companies around the globe are prominently investing more and more resources to ensure a strong presence in the virtual world. The top organisations around the globe are now coming up with their digital marketing strategy to leverage the power of social media. Kreyon's digital marketing outlines all brand communications through various social channels, setting up content for attracting qualified leads, talent, selling and executing a vision, from delivering stand alone projects to integrated campaigns, developing brand presence, tracking online traction and delivers results that matter for your business growth.
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Video Animations

Animated video lets you tell your story out loud! You're not passively capturing events with a camera. You're making emphatic points, clearly and without constraints.Kreyon Video animations helps you create professional explainer videos, video presentations, animated (whiteboard) videos to promote your product or service and increase your Business.
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Kreyon Systems Pvt. Ltd. is a global IT company with rich experience of working with clients in US, UK, UAE, Australia, Japan & Africa. Kreyon Systems offers an in-depth experience in business process automation for various sectors like Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail, Education, Gas, Power, banking & finance etc. The company has earned reputed clientele with projects like JICA Finance software for MPPTCL with funding of more than US$200mln & managed assets of more than US$1bln

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Big Data
Big Data
Cloud computing
Social Media
Advanced Analytics
Internet Of Things

Big Data

Every year, companies and individuals generate billions of gigabytes of data. Data, which properly analyzed and used in time, can emerge as an unbeatable competitive advantage. Enterprises need to recognize the prospect big data represents and should adapt their IT strategy to capture such opportunities’. Big data can help retailers predict buying decisions of shoppers; it can help banks weed out fraudulent transactions; while governments can use big data to provide services directly to their citizens.

Cloud Computing

The undeniable power of cloud computing to foster innovations and improve productivity is now accepted by both IT vendors and their customers. While the financial services and government sectors are mostly moving to a private cloud model due to information security concerns, other industries like healthcare and retail have adopted public cloud. Moreover, their existing infrastructure has helped telecom players to emerge as providers of cloud computing, leading to erosion in boundaries between IT and telecom vendors.

Social Media

A social media strategy has become a must for all enterprises, be it banks, retailers or the government. With over one billion individuals logged on to various social networks, people are now using social media for advice on what products to buy, where to shop and even regarding what firms they want to work with. While most enterprises use social media for their customer service function only, many firms have now started using social media in tandem with their sales and marketing functions. This in turn enables firms to use data generated by the customers effectively to service their larger pools of customers.

Mobility Solutions

Mobile devices have changed the way people access digital content. Smartphones and tablets have brought rich, digital content to the fingertips of consumers. Mobile banking has emerged as one of the most innovative products in the financial services industry. Shoppers are increasingly using their mobile devices for everything from browsing to comparing to buying products. Governments are also reaching out to their citizens, using mobile devices as an efficient channel. Enterprises must also jump on to the mobility bandwagon, and ensure that their applications are mobile ready.

Advance Analytics

Every year, companies and individuals generate billions of gigabytes of data. Data, which properly analyzed and used in time, can emerge as an unbeatable competitive advantage. Enterprises need to recognize the prospect big data represents and should adapt their IT strategy to capture such opportunities’. Big data can help retailers predict buying decisions of shoppers; it can help banks weed out fraudulent transactions; while governments can use big data to provide services directly to their citizens.

Internet Of Things

Kreyon Systems delivers a unique, integrated approach for enterprises to capitalize on the Internet of Things by gathering, storing and processing data. This approach extends from our breadth product portfolio for a range of PCs, tablets and industry devices on the edge of enterprise networks.

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Asset Management System
Project Management
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Japan International Co-operation Agency Software
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  • Client Testimonials
  • The quality and proactive research of their team was highly appreciated by us. They have come up with a very sophisticated product, which exceeds our expectations. Kreyon certainly has a stellar team of experts whose professionalism, effectiveness & execution helped us immensely. Looking forward to more from them in the future.

    Zia Shaikh (Director)
    Progressive Equity Partners LLC, New Jersey, United States
  • The Kreyon Solutions have helped us improved the time to market and predictability & reduced the cost of implementation. They have been efficient in delivering solutions with specialised focus on usability of the software, which has helped our team learn & deliver results quickly. It is a welcome relief having tried almost every other solution before them. Their expertise, solutions and approach have definitely had a positive impact on our business outcomes.

    Tom Poland (Director)
    80-20 Center, Queensland, Australia
  • In the past, we tried softwares from leading MNCs, but they didn't worked for us. Kreyon Systems helped us conceptualize & implement the JICA Software ahead of the schedule. The complexity of the electrical construction projects for building substations & setting up transmission lines is very hard to monitor. The payment conditions laid by Japan International Co-operation Agency have to be correlated with the progress of projects in remote places. The experts from Kreyon have deciphered the complexity of operations, payment rules, trained engineers across the state & delivered the project with effortless ease. My congratulations to them on this excellent achievement.

    U Rautji (CMD)
    Madhya Pradesh Power Transmission Company Limited, India
  • Kreyon's digital marketing strategy & implementation has delivered tangible progress for us. It has resulted in increasing traffic by more than 500%, improved our brand presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, & Twitter. The thematic engagement & leads have definitely been a positive impact for our business & made people aware of our brand.

    Ankit Agarwal (Director)
    Fx Group of Companies, Faridabad, India
  • Our educational group has more than 7000 students, 550 faculty members, 120 administrative staff & 11 different institutions. The Kreyon Systems ERP has connected everything. Their ERP implementation is highly specialized with emphasis on user centered innovation. My job of managing this group has never been easier. The complexity of operations has reduced significantly after the ERP implementation by Kreyon. It also helped us secure an NBA accreditation. The interconnected campus has helped teachers, students & administrative staff to run things more efficiently. Assurity of Compliance, regulatory standards & standardisation of best practices has helped us achieve significant results.

    R Karsoliya (Chairman)
    Shriram Group of Institutes, India
  • Kreyon systems methodology was structured, comprehensive & fast. They have covered all essential aspects of our business for the Gas Agency Automation with ease. The approach was flexible, detailed enough to handle critical aspects of our business. The integrated platform for maintaining all offshore and onshore requirements with capabilities for dynamic dashboards & mobile accessibility has made our work easier. The finance module automation has helped us regularize our accounts & maintain compliance with international regulatory standards. The software solution has made it easier to manage business with an integrated platform for tracking everything. Kreyon is a valuable partner for our business.

    B Lathiya (Chairman)
    Lathiya Trading Company, India
  • They have a fresh approach, which is refreshing & energetic. Kreyon Systems helped us drive organic traffic to our site. They picked up competitive keywords & improved our search rankings drastically. They are results oriented and definitely provide ROI for your business within a short span of time.

    Jared O' Toole (Founder)
    Under30CEO, US
  • They have delivered what they promised within time, budget & quality.

    Thaddeus Lawrence (Vice President)
    Asia professional Speakers, Singapore
  • The staff at Kreyon Systems was absolutely dedicated to our project. They were timely and professional. Since the inception of the project, they were proactive, came up with ideas, conceptualized the product & helped turn our vision into a tangible product for us. It makes our day to day tasks, team collaboration & execution of work easy. I really appreciate the creative talent & execution capabilities offered by Kreyon Systems.

    Suzanne Bowen (Co-Founder)
    VP Elegant Group, Pensacola, Florida, US
  • Our Clients And Partners
  • Kreyon Systems in Numbers
More than 100,000 users have used our Solutions
Managed Assets of worth more than US $1 Billion for power sector project.
Handled a funding of US $200 Million from JICA.
Our clients are spread among 10 different countries & growing fast.
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