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Offshore Software Development

We build software products that are available across devices, platforms & built for maximum user coverage.

Software Solutions

Consistency in design interfaces makes the products easy to follow.

IT Solution Company

A product that works seamlessly without any interruptions and with complete predictability establishes trust.

Software Design

Our software solutions change with time. They are adaptable to new environments and user needs.

Website Design
Performance & Scalability

The performance of a software product is very important for user experience. We deliver compelling performance and scalable solutions.

Software Solution Website
User Experience

The user experience makes software usable. It is not the first, but usually the best products that rule the markets.

Our Selected Software Applications
Asset Management System

Asset Management System

An Internet of things based asset management product that connects all assets of an organization & derives meaningful representation of data. It features location based Analytics, automated data collection, and actionable insights to users.

CRM & Business Management Software

Team Task is tool to manage and grow your business. A project management & CRM system that is simple & makes Sales more efficient. It is a cloud based product that you can use to manage all your business operations.

CRM Software CRM Dashboard CRM Helpdesk Board

A Peer to Peer Sharing Portal

Rentzzz is a trusted sharing platform where you can search, discover & book items on rent. It lets you interact with people & choose items that you want instantly.

Mobile Applciation Development Mobile Applications

Plant & Resource Management System

The Plant and Resource Management enables you to track your employee tasks, equipments issued, Jobs completed & history of all equipments etc. The Resource Manager is used for complete lifecycle management of equipments & plants.

Software Company in Botswana

Financial Platform to track your Wealth

A financial advising and wealth management platform for helping individuals to track their wealth, improve their financial education, planning & portfolio management.

Financial Platform to track your Wealth Financial Platform to track your Wealth
ERP System

ERP System

An Enterprise resource planning system is a fully integrated business management system covering functional areas of an enterprise like Logistics, Production, Finance, Accounting and Human Resources.

Content Management System

A dynamic portal that helps you to manage & boost your web presence. The back-end functionality helps you to administer operations, track digital marketing efforts and keep track of all important activities.

Content Management System
And We have Many Products
Lender Management Systems Collage Management Systems Content Management Systems Project Management Systems Supply Chain Management
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