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UI-UX Design

UI & UX Design

Our expertise in UI & UX designs will take care of your product’s user interface and ensure that your application feels as good as it looks.

What is UI-UX Design

The terms “UX Design” and “UI Design” float around multiple industries and have even been used interchangeably. But what do they mean in the world of web development, and what differences are there between them? For starters, UX stands for User Experience Design, while UI stands for User Interface Design. They are both professional roles meant to result in an ideal, balanced product, but sometimes their distinctions aren’t obvious—and often, their roles will intertwine.


Creating Functional and Attractive User Interfaces

Creative UI & UX Design

Effective UX designs can connect people with technology and become your advantage on a highly competitive tech market. Outsourced UI/UX design professionals at Kreyon create effective user interfaces for innovative software products with focus on companies’ business needs. We are not only making your products look beautiful and trendy, but we ensure they better serve your customers and exceed their expectations.

We collect our experience to be able to apply the knowledge to get better results for our clients. We deeply analyze your market, business and your customers’ behavior to deliver custom-tailored design that your users will love.

Explore Our UI & UX Designs

Industries We Serve

Banking & Finance

Comprehensive software solutions for financial and banking institutions

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Real Estate

Consumer friendly mobile and web applications, BSS/OSS software solutions.

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Media & Entertainment

Cutting-edge software solutions for publishing ISVs, digital agencies.

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Full-cycle development of innovative healthcare and life science software solutions.

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Power & Energy

An Enterprise Solution for Power Industry includes process automation and in-support.

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We provide world class applications for complete automation of educational institutes.

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Tours & Travels

IT Services for Booking, reviews and advices on hotels, resorts, flights, vacation rentals.

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Retail Store

Our experts help retailers to find the right path to omnichannel adoption for their brand.

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Why Choose Kreyon

  • Industry Experience

    Our deep experience includes web, mobile, and tablets designs. We provide UI UX designs for a wide range of products from games to VOIP, booking applications and social networking platforms.

  • Focus On Your Results

    Our UX designs and strategies will help you increase conversions by understanding your users to crafting your custom design.

  • Continuous UI/UX Support

    We believe that useful products have a long lifespan and evolve with time. We continue to make UI UX improvements even after your product is launched. To stay in line with users’ expectations, we validate all the ideas before implementation using a series of user tests to provide insight into real-world behavior.

  • Development Excellence

    We have deep understanding of development process and UX designs. We design things to take care of your functional specifications. Our experienced development expertise allows us to contribute to your project with end to end results as per your needs.

Why Choose Kreyon

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