Top 10 trends in ERP Implementation


What makes ERP implementations challenging, complex and painful for the customers? Well, the legacy systems designed in the pre-cloud era take long implementation cycles and are extremely tough to customize. These traditional ERPs are also very expensive to maintain. The multi nationals typically have customised processes, which makes it tough to fit the legacy ERP systems in their organisations. The version upgrades can be cumbersome, especially when the organisations spans across different countries. The local instance may not be in synch with the global version and require extensive integration and testing efforts.

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Top 10 common mistakes that can ruin ERP implementation


The implementation of an ERP is one of the major decisions in the lifecycle of an organisation. According to Gartner, approximately 75% of all ERP projects fail. 61.1% ERP implementation take longer than expected as per Panorama ERP study. And more than 74.1% implementations exceed budget. There is also an overwhelming percent of companies who don’t end up getting what was promised to them. For an organisation spending millions of dollar and almost two years in implementation of ERP, it’s vital to take care that sufficient measures are taken to ensure success of the project. Read More “Top 10 common mistakes that can ruin ERP implementation”

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Best practices for implementation of ERP


Implementation of ERP is known to be time consuming and requires considerable investment and commitment for the company. Unexpected costs and expenses are also common, in fact, according to the report released by the Panorama Consulting Service, almost 54% of the implementations usually take longer than expected and most of these implementations are often costly. These negative factors can be avoided by creating a clear organizational strategy for the company’s ERP implementation. This can be reversed through proper implementation processes which are composed of strong planning, support and delivery of training to employees.

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