How IoT is changing Supply Chain Management


Supply chain management is undergoing rapid transformation with IoT technology. The use of IoT technology is bringing the digital and the physical worlds together. The mapping of physical objects in the digital space is possible with IoT technology; it is also transforming the way supply chain management solutions are developed and work. Read More “How IoT is changing Supply Chain Management”

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Supply Chain Management for Aviation Industry



Supply Chain Automation means managing an optimised inventory. It means having the critical equipments in stock and keeping idle items minimised. The Airline Industry are increasingly focused towards reducing their reducing the maintenance costs, keeping a high level of inventory accuracy & deliver high levels of service. Supply chain automation is a great tool to achieve that.

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Automation, Business Intelligence & Analytics to Improve your Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management is one of the key processes to achieve an organisation’s business objectives. For some industries, it is the most important facet around which the key operations revolve. The complexity of dealing with key personnel, supply & demand of assets increases with the growth of a company. Dealing with them in the most efficient manner to maximise utilisation of resources, reduce time lag between demand & supply & ultimately having accurate data to predict things can generate tremendous value for a company.  All this can be done with automation of your supply chain management. The introduction of IT can help an organisation to benchmark its SCM with best practices tailored to their needs. A good Supply chain management will ensure the following:

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