Big Data for Making the Big Bets in Your business

Big_Data_for_Making_the_Big_Bets_in_Your business

Today, data is a highly valued entity. It is growing at a staggering pace, managing it is becoming a severe challenge for companies. Due to the volume & complexity of information, data integration, extraction & analysis is not feasible using traditional software. Big data is the way to deal with the data complexity using special techniques and methods to analyse, extract and churn out meaningful insights from data. Read More “Big Data for Making the Big Bets in Your business”

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Improvements in Key Business Areas with CRM System

Key_Business_Areas_with_CRM System

Time is the most valued asset for business people across the world. Many of them are willing to pay money to buy an extra hour per day. A good CRM implementation helps you to buy that extra hour for the day. Inefficient time management can cause lots of problems, especially if business revenue is at stake.  A good CRM helps you to organize your marketing efforts and sales processes. The organized efforts can help sales teams to be more effective. The information about products and services, related sales pitch and prospective leads can help the sales team close deals faster. It also facilitates required information for prospects on the go. This makes the processes fast and results in better business opportunities.

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Are you looking to build an asset management system? This infographic illustrates the essential features and benefits of an asset management software. Today companies are challenged when it comes to having an efficient and effective asset management system. Manage procurement, maintenance and compliance of fixed assets using an online asset management.

Kreyon Systems is a software development company with online asset management expertise. We provide digital wealth management & fixed assets software for companies.

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How to Increase Sales with CRM


Selling is to business, what oxygen is to humans. Businesses cannot survive without selling. The pressure to sell has never been higher than now. With the increasing amount of competition in the global market place, the traditional business models are constantly under threat and being challenged. So, organisations need quick, effective and profitable ways to sell.

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Top 10 trends in ERP Implementation


What makes ERP implementations challenging, complex and painful for the customers? Well, the legacy systems designed in the pre-cloud era take long implementation cycles and are extremely tough to customize. These traditional ERPs are also very expensive to maintain. The multi nationals typically have customised processes, which makes it tough to fit the legacy ERP software in their organisations. The version upgrades can be cumbersome, especially when the organisations spans across different countries. The local instance may not be in synch with the global version and require extensive integration and testing efforts.

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Top 10 reasons to capitalise on the Internet of Things


The internet of things is a digital representation of the physical world. The internet of things is an interconnected ecosystem of the devices, data and objects surrounding us. As per industry estimates, approximately 3.9 billion connected things were in use in 2014. According to Gartner, the figure is expected to be nearly 26 billion connected devices by 2020. An unprecedented growth in the connected devices has made the use case for IoT stronger than ever before. The digital solutions space represents the connected objects equipped with RF identifiers and wireless networks. The IoT enables to collect, measure, store and analyze information from these devices.

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