10 Ways to Improve Your Team’s Productivity

10 Ways to Improve Team Productivity
10 Ways to Improve Team Productivity

The strength of the team lies in what it can accomplish together. The team’s productivity, efficiency and execution are the fundamental blocks for the success of a company. Leaders are on the lookout for tools that can help them to improve the performance of their teams. Wasting too much time on meetings, working inefficiently, ego tussles between team members, excessive time on mobile, poor communication, outdated data, and uninspired individuals are all indicators of poor productivity. Here is a look at 10 ways to improve your team’s productivity:

1. Set Clear Expectations:

It is important to set clear expectations from the team, define goals for each member. Define their work clearly in measurable milestones with deadlines and expected quality of work. Every team member must have clarity on what they need to accomplish.

2. Agile Meetings:

Meetings are one of the top time stealers for teams. Very often teams spend a lot of time discussing things that rarely translate into action. Long meetings are highly counterproductive. Meetings without clear action plan are waste of time. The agile methodology recommends short stand up meetings that can set the tone for the work. Early morning meetings that can set the agenda for work, define the action plan and deliverables are important for team’s productivity.

3. Inspired towards their Mission:

Great teams are dedicated to the core. They work on their craft & take pride in what they do. They go out of the way to ensure what they deliver is nothing short of the very best. The great teams are not only extremely focused on the task at hand, but also know the bigger picture. They know what they are aspiring to achieve. They are inspired towards their work and are on a mission.

4. Tools to Organise Work:

The total number of hours worked for a particular task, details of the project work, documents, time spent on meetings, hours spent on client calls etc are all very important to gauge the performance of an individual & the team. It is hard to manage work without efficient and state of the art technological solutions. The best teams work on tools that make their job easier. Tools that can help them organise their work, make them more efficient and ultimately improve the quality of their work are extremely crucial for productivity.

5. Prioritise like Crazy:

Work is endless. A successful team knows the art of prioritising the deliverables to create maximum impact. The deliverables keep changing as per the dynamic business needs. Hence it is very important to reassess the importance of work on regular basis, schedule things to cover the most important and urgent needs for the projects.

6. Efficient Time Management:

Efficiency time management is the most important skill for achieving project milestones. The key is to understand the most critical elements & the time it takes to reach the milestones. The time logged for tasks can be analysed to calculate the milestones for tasks. The historical data for similar tasks can serve as a benchmark to set the expectations right.

7. Autonomy:

The team members should have the autonomy to execute things for their day to day tasks. Micromanagement doesn’t help to develop a great team. Highly productive teams achieve more working together. They trust, give responsibility and back every member to deliver. The individuals in the team are empowered with choices and decisions to execute their tasks.

8. Quick Feedback:

It is important for the team to have feedback on their deliverables when they are working on it. Quick feedback is essential for improving the quality of the deliverables. An open feedback system helps the team to explore ways to do things better. An objective feedback with relevant pointers and resources can go a long way in helping the team to achieve its goals.

9. Distraction Free Work Environment:

We are living in a world of ever growing distractions. Focus is hard. With the mobile internet and smart phones, the attention spans of people have taken a beating. But the top teams know how to zone in and do top quality work. The top teams create a working culture that maximises communication, but minimises distractions.

10. Constant Learning & Improvement:

The digital age requires everyone to be a quick learner. Teams that constantly seek ways to improve are the teams that deliver outstanding results. Constant learning, sharing information and improving one’s craft are essential traits of successful teams. The time invested in learning and upgrading skills is crucial to the progress of the team.

Teams today are empowered with digital tools and can achieve more in less time. The efficiency of execution and effectiveness of work can shape the destinies of companies. The performance of the team, its efficiency and quality of work dictates the outcomes of the products/services they are working on. Great teams often raise the bar and create compelling products/services that shape the future.

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