Design Thinking & Digitization for the Media Industry


The way people consume news today has changed with digitization. Traditional newspapers and media platforms are now looking at ways to keep pace with disruptions in the industry. The Media Industry is looking at digital avenues to attract and retain its readership.

Design thinking is helping media industry revive its quest for keeping pace with digital disruptions. People want news as it happens. Anything that is relevant and important to them should reach them in an instant, anytime & anywhere. The technology trends are remodeling the media landscape. Here we look at how the media industry can use digitization and design thinking to reinvent itself:

1. Use Design Thinking for Content Layouts :

The way people read news has changed with digital platforms. Today users spend most of the time online reading content on their mobile and tablet devices. Design thinking helps creating digital news platforms that can serve the needs of the readers. The layout of the news portal can be tailored according to the reading habits and preference of the users for fluid information flow. The content layout for the news can be chosen by users as per their preferred reading habits.

2. Digital Platform for News :

The digital platform can deliver news updates realtime. These platforms can be update at a higher frequency than traditional media platforms. The trending topics change quite frequently through the day and digital is the only way to stay updated for the users. The digital platform can provide instant news updates to the users. The digital platform can also enable faster publishing & reach a wide audience.


3. Personalization of Content & News :

When users access the news portal, they can receive the contents tailored according to their preferences & history. The personalization of content is very important with so much information overload. The users can select the categories, topics, and even content sources from social media to get tailored news. They can also choose the news layouts that they prefer.

4. Managing Variety of Content :

Today the media industry relies on multiple types of content for reaching the users. They use high resolution graphics, videos, articles, ebooks/magazines, Infographics, polls, animations etc. All this can be managed quite efficiently with an online platform. The interactive content is integral to keep the consumers engaged today.


5. Social Sharing :

The digital news papers can be generated for the users based on the topics of their interest. Every user can get the personalized copy of the e-paper according to their preferences. The users can also share this personalized copy of the newspapers using a web link on social media networks like FB, Twitter, G+, Whatsapp etc. This creates a unique and compelling social sharing experience.

6. Targeted Advertisements :

The digital platform gives access to specific demographics that advertisers are looking for. Brands can get more mileage from their ads on digital media by choosing the right age group, country, location, time and users. The advertisements can be placed in contextual settings. The targeted reach and advertisements can delivery much better ROI than traditional media.


7. Expansion and Reach :

With the digital platform companies can serve a wide range of locations and target a wider readership. The cost of expansion and improving the reach is minimal. The companies can also use the same digital infrastructure to expand to other locations. Some of the media companies curate content to serve their readers from specific geographies and particular topics.

8. Digital Magazines :

The content on the portal can also be used to launch digital magazines. The digital editions can be made available to the subscribed users. The engaging stories and most powerful content can be segregated based on popularity metrics to create automated digital editions. The digital magazines can be shared on social media, push notifications and newsletters etc.


9. Online Marketplace & Groups :

The digital edition of the news paper can also facilitate online marketplace and groups for users. For e.g. sales or rental information for house, cars etc can be posted online, obituaries, classified ads etc can be covered in the digital newspaper. The digital edition can also provide provision where users and groups can post content or news items to the portal.

10. Data Analytics for Key Metrics:

The digital platform allows the media companies to track its data minutely. With data analytics, companies can analyze the user demographics, the most popular content, type of content, key locations, topics, most popular times, traction for advertisers etc. The complete administrative activities of the media company can be managed using digitization. A digital platform allows rigorous analysis of data and key performance indicators to be tracked closely.


The media companies are embracing design thinking and digitization to meet the needs of their consumers. Digitization of media industry has changed the way how content is created, distributed and monetized. The digital technology has created a wealth of opportunities for media companies and brought new avenues.

Kreyon Systems is helping media companies to modernize the way they operate, provide them end to end software solutions to improve their reach and growth. If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to us.

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