How AI Is Changing Software Development


We are entering a new era of computing where the world will be driven by machines. The promise of Artificial intelligence is already causing the leading companies and governments around the world to take serious note of it. The modern AI solutions are capable of self learning and evolving with exposure to data. AI is driving whole range of applications from digital assistants, enterprise software, search engines to self driving cars. Here we explore some of the ways in which AI is changing software development:

1. Real-time Data Science :

The amount of data generated by digital systems is enormous. When it comes to enterprise decisions, the right data insights are vital. The AI driven systems are capable of handing large amounts of structured and unstructured data from various sources, interpret them and present them in business context. For e.g. pricing for retail products on ecommerce portals analyses data from the web, demand of products and accordingly increases or decreases pricing for products.

2. Self-taught Algorithms and Analytical tools :

One of the most important facets of an AI system is self learning. The system is developed to learn and improve its capabilities over a period of time. These self taught systems provide insights and actions in context of business events for organisations. For e.g. purchase predictions for online stores, e-coupons to consumers are created using predictive algorithms that use data insights from their users.


3. Virtual Assistants :

The virtual assistants and chat bot applications are now becoming a common place for getting routine tasks done. Google Now, Siri, Alexa and Cortana are quite popular virtual assistants that can help you to order a pizza from your favorite store, book air tickets, get recommendations on a trip abroad and organize your day to day tasks.

4. Automated Customer Service and Interactions :

With the proliferation of chatbots, companies are now adopting them for interactions with customers. These chatbots are built with AI and are learning as per the new data inputs. These chatbots are improving with human like and intuitive interactions with customers. The time to resolve and address customer queries is improving with these chatbots. These chatbots are quite efficient and replacing human agents for routine customer support tasks.


5. AI Driven Applications :

Artificial intelligence has revolutionized the way applications are developed. Ride sharing apps like Uber, Lyft etc are powered using machine learning and AI. These apps make use of AI to come up with the best price for your rides, choose optimal routes for picking up co passengers and minimize waiting time. The applications are developed to solve real world problems. These apps are built using machine learning algorithms that learn with data and this learning is available for all the users.

6. Predictive Automation and Decision making :

Making the right decisions requires evaluation of exponential possibilities today. The data points are spread across various systems and locations. The AI applications are helping companies to automate their workflows, integrate various sources of data and analyze data in context of business events. For e.g. discount on particular market locations and its impact on business, recommendations for improved profitability etc. The recommendations made from the software consider exhaustive combinations in line with the business priorities. The system is constantly detecting the data patterns and makes proactive suggestions to assist decision making.


7. Search & Web :

The search engines especially Google use AI to understand the intent behind the search query. Searching information on the web in context of users need is an area where AI is playing a major role now. The idea of AI based search engine is one that can constantly update itself and produce better results to user queries. The web is also undergoing changes with AI powering many of these. The prominent ones among them are the way online sites make product recommendations, adjust pricing for items, and use realtime data from the social networking sites for marketing.

AI software development is causing major upheavals in the world. The extent to which AI systems take control of human lives remains to be seen. But their impact will be quite significant for sure. The role of AI will be prominent in shaping the future driven by a fusion of digital and physical world. Enterprises around the world are now bracing themselves for AI to achieve new levels of performance at greater scale, growth and speed than ever before.

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