How enterprises can Migrate to Cloud


Cloud has become an indispensable mode of business agility, improved services, scalability and cost savings. Businesses around the world are leveraging the cloud benefit for transforming their existing systems. We live in a world where cloud is powering almost all technological advancements. Gone are the days to legacy software, which are struggling to keep pace with the latest advancements in technology. Customers today want to seize and respond to opportunities quickly, they need tools to make these decisions. Cloud is an enabler for enterprises to make it happen by providing a connected business processes and ecosystem.

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Internet of Assets And How It Benefits Your Organisation


As per the ISO 55000 standards, Asset Management is co-ordinated activity to realise value from assets. In this study, we explore the benefits of internet of assets from a case study of corporates using asset management system. The Internet of Assets connects the assets of an organisation & derives meaningful representation of data to take actions for lifecycle management of assets. It involves realtime tracking, monitoring health status and using predictive analysis to improve assets performance & life.

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Field Service Automation for Business Growth and productivity


Only 13% executives are satisfied with the performance of their field service operations, as per a study conducted by IDC. 54% of them admitted suffering from poorly designed business process services. The biggest challenge for businesses is not competitors but their own inefficiencies. With the growing competition from unknown corners, the organisations are looking at different avenues to refine and improve their services. Field Service Automation is an area where companies are looking to improve co-ordination of their sales, service information with realtime communication. The field service team typically uses a mobile device, or a handheld system to capture data from the client side, the data is then sent to the centralised system realtime.

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Business Process As a Service For Your Organisation

Business-Process-As- a- Service-For-Your-Organisation

Software as a service(SaaS) has redefined the way applications are used. The way computing applications are developed and consumed has undergone a sea change. The companies offering services over cloud are growing and making enormous impact. When using gmail, ordering products from Amazon, booking a ride with Uber or using social networks like Facebook & twitter, you are invariably using SaaS. The emergence of SaaS is also seeing wide adoption among several organisations around the world. The business process as a service model is helping organisations to outsource tasks outside core competencies and make profits by reducing infrastructure, maintenance & manpower costs.

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How Internet of Things will Shape the Future

Internet of Things

Internet of things is the new buzz in the world of technology. Businesses are now keen to leverage this wave of technology to their advantage. The software as a service model is enabling the internet of things to develop applications that are powering businesses. The data from devices is collected, analysed and used to trigger business decisions. The smart devices, sensors, cloud networks & intelligent softwares are driving the IoT wave. IoT applications are all pervasive. Whether it is applications for personal use, business decisions, asset monitoring, public infrastructure or managing home from your mobiles, IoT makes these possible. Here is a look at some of the applications of Internet of things that can shape the future and create an impact in the world.

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10 Ways to Grow Your Business with Content Marketing

Content Generation3

Everyone is jumping on the band wagon for content creation these days. There is huge amount of content generated on the web every minute. The web content is growing exponentially. As per the study done by Domo in 2014, it shows that every minute, FB users share nearly 2.5 million pieces of content, 300,000 tweets are posted on twitter, 220,000 new photos are posted in Instagram, Youtube users upload 72 hours of video content, over 200 million emails are sent, Google receives 2.5 million search queries. Yes, it takes only a minute for all this. The world has never before seen so much content in such a short span of time.

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