Quick Design tips for Winning Mobile Users


The way people do business is changing. With the growth and proliferation of smart phones, the computing industry has seen rapid developments. Businesses today want to leverage this new wave of mobility to facilitate quick & easy actions. Mobile has become the preferred way consumers interact with brands today. You may use design tips for winning mobile users for your products & services.

Designing for the mobile requires great diligence. With the paradigm shift towards mobility, more and more companies are obsessing themselves on mobile friendly designs. Whether it is the app or the software, the mobile UX design goes a long way in winning users and creating an impact on the way things are done. Apps such as Uber, AirBnB, WeChat, Whatsapp have dominated the landscape. They have won users with impeccable user experience. Here is a quick list of design tips that make for a winning mobile user experience.

1. Simplify :

Focus on the most important functionality for the user, everything else will just follow. Most of the top mobile apps facilitate the primary functionality in 3 steps. Minimise the clutter and focusing on the most important functionality is critical to good design.

2. Usability :

The mobile user experience is shaped by choosing the UI elements carefully to suit the user needs. Whether it is the input fields, navigation, options to share or browse information, use things which make the process easy & fun to use. The drag and drop UI, interactive designs and intuitive patterns for users help to improve the usability aspects of the mobile design.

3. Buttons :

This is one of the trivial yet overlooked aspects on mobile designs. The buttons form an integral and core functionality of any application. The button size should be chosen carefully so that average fingertip can activate buttons without resizing them. The clickable elements need careful selection of buttons, which improve the workflow of the application.

4. Fonts :

Font size is an important element for mobile UX. You don’t want the users to feel overwhelmed with text or make them zoom to read the text. The right use of fonts, their consistency and readability according to device type is crucial in a winning mobile experience.

5. Speed :

The speed and performance of mobile design shapes the overall user experience. If the application doesn’t respond or is slow, it frustrates the users. A minimal design which loads optimally on mobile devices with optimised images, minimised CSS and javascripts.

6. Functionality :

Mobile apps that provide true value for the customers add convenience and provide end to end functionality. For e.g. airline apps provide a way for users to check their flight status, Uber provides an app for booking taxi, Amazon provides an app for buying things. These applications are all built around the core functionality for the users.

Explore how pwa apps can serve your business. They offer a good alternative to native mobile apps.

7. Interruptions should not affect user experience :

Mobile users are prone to distractions & have a short attention span. Designing for mobile should ensure that user will be able to resume the application without losing context or information. A good design is handled to make it easy for the user to resume without any hassles and perform the tasks to logical completion.

8. Use Context to improve user experience :

Mobile designs based on user context, information & history can act as virtual assistants. With the plethora of information, mobile users’ usage patterns, location etc can be used for offering contextual insights & information.

9. Mobile specific features :

The designs which leverage the mobile device camera, GPS, gyrometer and features like slide to unlock improve the user experience of mobile applications. Barcode scanning, image recognition and many such features can be accessed to improve the mobile experience of the user.

10. Visual Impact & branding :

A great visual impact boosts the credibility of a brand. The best brands around the world are competing for ways to surge ahead. Adoption of technology is one of the ways, top brands are making an impact. A good mobile user experience is one sure fire way of customer engagement & improving your brand image.

The platforms and ecosystems built around mobile devices are changing industries today. The stage is set for more disruptions and world changing applications. The way we connect, communicate and exchange information is dominated by mobile devices. Building services that people truly love is essential to digital transformation. An engaging user experience is a minimum requirement of the mobile first world that we live in.

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