How to win and influence your customers with Design Innovation


What is the most appealing characteristic in the products that you love? Think of the top brands that you’ve used or admired. The quality that invariably makes the difference is its Design. The design of a product or service plays a major role in building a great brand. Apple is one of the most influential brands ever and it owes a lot to design innovations that helped its product stand out. Design happens to be one of the reasons why people love these products & brands. Design catches attention. It is the quintessential element in making the products usable. Designs speak to the user. They convey everything that the product/service has to offer and help your brand to be more authentic, relatable & recognisable. Here is a look at how you can influence and win your consumers with enhanced designs:

Make things Simple

Elegant design makes things simple. It eliminates clutter, complexity and makes the product simple to use. Simple designs make the products/service usable. The design should captivate users and make it absolutely trivial for them to operate things.

Consistent Experience

With the growth of internet and computing devices, the users access the applications today from different devices. They expect consistent experience across devices, browsers & platforms. A good design ensures that the user has consistent experience across all touch points.

Visualise the Solution.

A great design helps the user to interact with the product and accomplish his tasks easily. The design interface is created for the end user to visualise patterns, work efficiently and focus on solving the real problems.

Know Your Customer

The understanding of the end user and his requirements are critical to design. The customer or the user of the product is the pivot for the designs. The ability, skills and needs of the users are the key factors for the design. User research helps in making the design useful, intuitive and serves the needs of the customer.

User Experience

The customer experience is shaped by the ease with which a user can interact with the product. A poor design can really hamper the usage of a product. The ease of use, learnability, efficiency, and feel good factor of a design all contribute to its user experience. A great user experience is imperative for making the products user friendly.


A great design interface with poor performance doesn’t make a pleasant user experience. Performance is an oft overlooked but very critical element of the user experience. A slow and tedious product frustrates users and takes away the fun element. It makes the whole process inefficient. Performance is an integral part of the design. It adds to the effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction of users.

Easy to Use

The difference between what users expect and what is delivered to them is critical for the success of a product. Most of the products and services that succeed are that are seamless for the end users. It is not merely the functionality but the ease of adoption and use that builds a consumer base for a product.

Information Representation

The way information is represented and organised plays a key role in adoption of a product or service. In the digital age, people are finding it hard to manage the complexity of information. The top executives are bombarded with information and data. When information is not organised, users need to spend time searching, browsing, clicking and digging more details. On the other hand, when information is represented and structured nicely, it helps the executives to glance through useful and important data quickly.

Rich and interactive experience

A rich and interactive design makes an impact on the users. It makes the products and services appealing to the end users. The communication between technology and users is made seamless and invisible with interactive designs. Products that offer features like drag drop interfaces, mouse over actions, auto completion, intelligent search options etc add to the richness of user experience.

Business Goals

Design is an interface that enables businesses to leverage technology for end users. Products built with imagination and top class designs contribute to business goals of an organisation. A lot of companies have even rebranded their products/services with modern user interfaces to woo their customers. The top designs also make processes simple, consistent and assists in attaining business objectives of an organisation.

Design is the epitome of products & services in the information age. More and more companies around the world are now adopting the highest standards for design led innovative solutions. Design led innovation is helping companies to brand their products strongly, serve their customers better and achieve their objectives. It is helping them win loyal customers, establish themselves as customer centric businesses and making them memorable brands.

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