Building customer relationships through the use of CRM software


When putting up a business, owners should have a good knowledge to their customers so that they will be able to develop marketing strategies in order to target their specific needs, this will also increase your profit and sales. All you need to do is to store and sort all the customer information through accounting software. A CRM or also known as a customer relationship management system can also improve all your marketing and increase your revenue. This is considered to be the most powerful tool in maintaining customer relationship and improve your marketing strategy.

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Best practices for implementation of ERP


Implementation of ERP is known to be time consuming and requires considerable investment and commitment for the company. Unexpected costs and expenses are also common, in fact, according to the report released by the Panorama Consulting Service, almost 54% of the implementations usually take longer than expected and most of these implementations are often costly. These negative factors can be avoided by creating a clear organizational strategy for the company’s ERP implementation. This can be reversed through proper implementation processes which are composed of strong planning, support and delivery of training to employees.

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