7 Ways to Choose a Company for your offshore Software Development Work


Business is about maximising opportunities for growth for everyone associated with it. Offshore software development is one of the ways companies are building global businesses. One of the benefits of globalisation
means that you have access to resources at any place & anytime. Almost all the leading global companies have offshore software development centers. These centers are playing a pivotal role & adding great value for these companies. They are maximising opportunities for growth by reduced cost of ownership, world class resources, & end to end solutions.Choosing the right software development company is the key to a sustainable offshore development base. Here is a look at some of the ways in which you can choose the right company for your offshore software development work :

1. Check out their Web presence :

A software development company should have an impressive web presence. It should explain what they do, their offerings, where they are located, their previous works & clients etc. A great website and strong web presence establishes credibility in the digital age.

2. Whitepapers, Videos & Blogs :

Today all the leading companies share information with their clients with active blogging, explainer videos, white papers etc. The core expertise of the company is well demonstrated with these. Reading through these will also give you a fair idea on the ideology of the company. The idea is to develop the understanding of the work culture, core focus areas and learn more about the offshore software development company.

3. Clarity of Deliverables :

When discussing work with the Offshore development partner, one of the most critical aspects is break-up of work. A good deliverable plan is where both parties come to a consensus regarding the project at the beginning. The clarity with which milestones dictate the course of the project. A good offshore software company will be able to articulate clear milestone for work that can be tracked on regular basis.

4. Domain expertise or past work :

A good understanding of the past work uncovers the domain expertise of the offshore development partner. Software products & trials to existing software solutions can be helpful in assessing the quality. The industry expertise or the past works are good indicators of the relevant skills of the offshore development partner to execute work. A successful track record of execution and current projects are important to assess the standards of work.

5. Frequent and Open communication for Improving Development :

The web has made the world a local place. Communication has never been easier than it is now. An offshore development partner will ensure availability, open communication and regular feedback. The nominated project representatives from your company & the offshore team can get on a conference call on weekly basis to track the deliverables. The demos for completed work can also be scheduled. The execution of work can be uploaded on the web, where both parties can access the ongoing work for effective communication.

6. Young energetic team :

The consulting teams of the past are now giving way to the youthful energy of the millennials. A great offshore team has a mix of the right experience & youthful energy to execute a project. These teams are full of innovative ideas & take a distinctively fresh approach to problem solving. An offshore team adds invaluable resources that add strength to companies. They help your company in launching products & completing developments faster with additional hours of work.

7. Outcome based Contracts :

With an offshore partner, you can negotiate contracts based on outcomes of the project. You don’t have to pay for time, but for work. The project is well defined & all stakeholders know the desired outcomes for the contract. A strong commitment towards deliverables is the basis of an offshore development center. When negotiating with the vendors, companies should ensure that the offshore partner has capabilities to deliver end to end solutions. The onus of the results should be with the offshore development partner once the contract is well defined. Building the right partnerships is very important for growth.

With digitisation taking center stage for businesses today, more companies are now looking to set up offshore development base. A great offshore base can deliver compelling value proposition, global presence & major positive impact on IT Deliverables.

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